NaturaLee Hair Care Twisting Butter Review

Happy first day of Spring and International Happiness Day!!! While I've been absent, I have been experimenting and testing out new products. Next month on April 15 I will be 2 1/2 years natural! I'm no veteran yet but do feel I have learned Zoe (my hair) well enough to make smart buys versus blind purchases hoping something will work for me. The product I am reviewing today is the NaturaLee Hair Care Macadamia Seed Twisting Butter. I ordered this sometime last year and am just now reviewing it. To continue to give the most detailed reviews I can, I have been using and testing out several products multiple times and in different ways. This does take some time but I have started a rotation so hopefully there won't be such a long gap between blog posts. 

Macadamia Seed Twisting Butter (8oz)

This product is said to be a thick, styling butter great for braids, two strand twists and other natural styles with a medium hold. The first ingredient is Shea butter and the product is said to keep your hair moisturized for days. On the site there is a note that this butter has a thick paste like consistency and can be difficult to use if you don't know how to use thick products. I do agree with this statement and in the picture you can see how thick and tacky it is. I also agree that the hold is medium to strong depending on how you set your hair. A little goes a long way and you do not need very much to style your hair. The directions say to take a dime size amount and warm it between your fingers before smoothing it on the hair to style. The scent is called creamy vanilla and it reminds me of a vanilla cake. It's not too loud but does linger. 

How I used it

Oct. 2013 Bantu Knots on flat ironed hair
Bantu Knot out on dry, straight hair

As mentioned in the description, this is a thick paste like butter. It is not water based and will not work for everyone. I do not suggest anyone with fine or thin hair using this product as it maybe too heavy and seem like glue. With that being said, I have super thick, dense hair and loved this product! I used it two different ways. The first way I used it was to style a bantu knot out on dry, flat ironed hair. The butter was the only product used on my hair to achieve this look. It is perfect if you want to pro-long your straightened hair by adding some texture to it with bantu knots, braids, or twists. It will not cause your hair to revert back and has enough hold to achieve the look you want without making your hair hard or crunchy. 

The second way I used it was on wet hair for a braid out. I used a leave-in, castor oil to seal followed by the butter. My braid out stayed fresh looking all week. The only day I re-braided my hair at night was the first night because my hair was still wet in the back when I took it down. The thickness of the product probably had something to do with it but it was okay it gave me a fuller look. The other nights I just tied my hair up on the top of my head with a scarf, also known as the pineapple technique. 
Braid out set on wet hair

The product lived up to its claims of keeping my hair moisturized for days. I did not re-moisturize at all during the week and it was pretty cold the week I wore my hair out in a braid out. If you struggle with dry winter hair, this may be a great product to try. The product also delivers on its claim of having a medium hold. For me, it was more of a medium to strong hold because my hair kept its definition for the majority of the week. 

If you're interested in the NaturaLee Hair Care twisting butter, it can be purchased at: for $10.99. I highly recommend this product if your hair likes the heavier, thicker products. You may have to play around with this one due to the consistency but once you figure out how to use it best for you I'm sure you'll love the results you can achieve. 

Besos, Feron