Cream & Coco body products review

This review is so over do it reminds me of the expression being slow as Christmas! Cream & Coco celebrated their 4th birthday in April and had a crazy sale all month long. Being the product junkie that I am, I racked up each week when new items were introduced. I got a request to review more body and skin care natural products so I am here to deliver. The intro picture has 5 products shown but I decided to review the moisturizer next week with my skin care regimen. If you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed my skin is back in optimal condition and I owe it in part to the new products I've been using. Now, onto the reviews and I hope they are helpful if you're in the market for new body products or have never heard of Cream & Coco!

Himalayan Goji & Aloe Nectar
- This product says it is a light moisturizing spray for your hair and body and says it is perfect for the summer when you don't want to use a heavy lotion on your skin. 

I do agree that this is a very light, conditioning spray. I have used it multiple times to try and figure out the best way to use it for me. I first used it as a refresher spray on my hair and although it is very light, one of the main ingredients is aloe vera juice, it was very moisturizing. You do need to use an oil or cream/butter on top tho. On my body, I sprayed it on and rubbed it in after getting out of the shower. For my skin, it was not moisturizing enough. With in 30 min or so, my legs were ashy. For using it on my arms which do get moisturized on a daily, it is the perfect amount of moisture. From my experience, if the skin is dry you'll need something heavier but on normal to oily skin it will work great. When I first bought it, I loved the fragrance but now it bothers me so I'm sure since the weather is changing again it's my allergies why I can't stand it anymore. It has a very floral, tropical smell that does linger. Since I am in the middle with this product I'm not going to rate it but hopefully the points I made will be helpful in deciding to purchase it.

Cotton Candy Clouds-Shea Butter Moisture Whip
- This product is a butter whip with oils and says it is very moisturizing and perfect for dry patches and rough knees and elbows. It can also be used on the hair to seal in the ends.

The name is perfect for the consistency. The Shea butter is perfectly whipped to a fluffy, cloud like texture. The fragrance is very light and soothing; reminds me of baby powder but sweeter and is not too loud or overbearing. The whip is indeed very moisturizing and is perfect for my legs, feet, knees, and elbows which tend to be very dry. It absorbs quickly and does not leave an oily feeling. I know you maybe saying , it's just whipped Shea butter and you can make it yourself, which is true but sometimes we buy things out of connivence. I make my own whipped Shea but haven't in a long time but I do like this product. To me, not all Shea butters are the same and some are "whipped" or "mixed" better than others. I give this moisture whip 4 stars for doing exactly what it says and if you aren't a do it yourselfer I say check it out.  

Himalayan Goji Napoleon Sugar Scrub
- This scrub has 3 layers of 3 different scents and says it has pure cane sugar crystals to polish the skin to a vibrant hydrated glow.

The first layer is the goji fragrance which I'm not too fond of but I mean it washes away once you rinse. I have naturally glowy skin so I don't want to say this product gave me a vibrant hydrated glow but my skin was looking pretty nice. It did make my knees look less dull and it seemed like the light was reflecting extra off my arms. The sugar crystals aren't too rough and do give your skin a nice exfoliation. The scrub is infused with oils so you don't feel as if you need to lotion up after. Your skin feels soft and infused with the oils like doing an oil rinse on your hair. What sets this scrub apart is that it is 3 scrubs in one. I like it but won't rate it because I've received the same results with other scrubs such as Carol's Daughter scrubs and Body Cafe' simply lovely sugar scrub but I still say it is worth checking out.

Blue Lavender Icing Creme Anglais
- This is a creamy soap that can be used on the body, the hair, or as a shave cream. It says it is made with dead sea salts to bring out toxins and impurities in the pores.

I use this soap to shave with. Due to the price, I decided to just use it to shave my armpits as to not use it up so quickly but from the picture you can tell I love it! This product is very unique and I have not nicked my pits once since I started using it. It is very creamy and moisturizing but has a little more weight to it than the average shave cream. I have been wanting a natural shave cream for the longest and since the pits is such a delicate area, this is my new staple. The smell is very soothing and nice; it is a mix of lavender and vanilla. I'm not sure how well it is detoxing my skin but I haven't had too many issues with ingrown hairs!  I'm not sure if this will be the case for everyone but my pores seem to like it. I give this product 5 stars for quality, uniqueness, and my overall satisfaction. 

Questions, comments, or requests leave them below. Are you getting your cream & coco on? Leave your experiences below! Till next week

Besos, Feron