My Brown Box February 2013 Review

February's My Brown Box had the theme of indulge-guilty pleasures (me time). The products included were ways to help pamper yourself and just feel pretty with high quality ingredients and items to help you 'indulge' as the theme suggests. I was again very pleased with this box and I love the fact that I was able to use every item except one! The presentation was the same as last month and it is so nicely packaged and displayed as if you were to get a gift set from a department store! That's how I feel opening the boxes and the pink and yellow color combination is so fun and lively, it makes me smile! For more information on how to subscribe or sign up for the mailing list, please visit 

Biao Skincare: Beauty Rejuvenating Night Creme
- I was unable to use this product out of fear because it contains "rose flower oil" and I am so over breaking out! I did however, give it to my mother to try. She felt it moisturized her skin well, is nice and creamy in consistency, and was non greasy. It did not make her face shiny but gave her skin a nice glow. The cream has a nice, light fresh/clean scent to it. She would recommend it and compares it to her L'Oreal age perfect night cream. Biao boasts using 100% natural ingredients in their line and for more information on them, visit  

Jane Carter Solutions: Revitalizing Leave-In Conditioner
- This spay leave-in conditioner is for de-tangling and protecting hair from heat styling and the sun. I have seen the Jane Carter products in Target but have never purchased so I was very excited to see this sample in this month's box. I am a fan of spray leave-ins as I use them as refreshers in the morning or to re-twist at night when I feel my hair has enough product in it. In this case, I used it to mist my hair for added moisture and to re-twist my hair as the butter I used to twist with originally was still in my hair. I really like this leave-in; it is very moisturizing and I attribute that to it having aloe vera juice as one of the ingredients. It has a nice, light fragrance and isn't sticky. I also like the fact that is has heat protection which will be helpful with summer right around the corner. I give it 5 stars and will be purchasing it when my other spray leave-ins are finished.

Body Cafe'- Simply Lovely Sugar Scrub
- OMG!!! Yes I just spoke in text language! This scrub was lovely!!! When it comes to body scrubs, I always compare them to Carol's Daughter body scrubs which have been the best and only scrubs I've used, till now. If you like the Carol's Daughter scrubs, you are going to love the Body Cafe' scrub. It is all natural; the first ingredient is sugar followed by moisturizing oils. Your skin is left so soft and oil infused after using this scrub and the fragrance is heavenly like juicy ripe pomegranates! The Carol's Daughter scrubs leave you with the same feeling but they are pricey at $28! I have two and I use them sparingly because they are that precious to me. Best example of how to explain the feeling is how your legs feel after you've shaved or used Nair but add an oil infusion to that!!! I give this scrub 5 stars and I would definitely purchase it in the future. This is the perfect fruity, fresh summer body scrub. To purchase or check out their other products visit their Etsy shop BODYCAFE07305.  

LiSi Cosmetics: Nail Polish in 61 Berry me in Diamonds
- I thought this was a better quality polish than most. If you follow me on Instagram (BesosFreon) you know I'm a nail polish collector. This polish has a nice consistency to it and is not runny or watery. I would recommend this polish but the color did nothing for me. The shade is a greenish/purple color depending on which way you're holding your hands. LiSi Cosmetics has more than just polish so check them out at 

Fevour Cosmetics: Satin Pearl Lipstick (Paparazzi Pink)
- I love this lipstick! It is very pigmented and bold and has staying power as it claims. If you have ever used the CoverGirl Queen Collection lipsticks, this one is very similar you might think it was one of them. Note, make sure your lips are moisturized before applying this as it goes on like a creamy lip stain and it will stain your lips so if you are not planning on wearing it all day, I suggest using a base or concealer. The finish is of a sheen and is very pretty. I give it 4 stars as the price for my preference is a bit steep at $14 and I'm all for MAC dupes :) For more information, visit 

Jordana Retractabl Eyeliner in blue divine
- This was a bonus item this month as well as a coupon code for Danni Little. I love how it wasn't a typical "black" liner but was midnight blue. This blue eyeliner really made my brown eyes pop and with it being a retractable pencil, it went on easily and no tugging was necessary to apply. The eyeliner does have staying power. I did the shower test where I kept it on while I showered and only a few smudges but overall it stayed put! And, I did not use any primer!! Now that's pretty cool. The lipstick also survived the shower test :) I have seen Jordana products at Wal-greens and it seems I need to add them to my rotation!

Hope you all enjoyed this review! Another great box of new and undiscovered gems! 

One last note, for whatever reason blogger does not notify you when I reply to your comments but I always reply so I don't want any of you thinking I'm ignoring you I love reading comments! If anyone knows how to change that help me lol

Besos, Feron