February 2013 curlBox feat. Pantene product review

Wow, it has been a while and I am so happy to be back with another product review. This review is all about the Pantene truly Natural hair line which was featured in the February curlBox. This was their 1 year anniversary box with the theme being the super affordable regimen. Pantene products can be found at Wal-mart stores and other drug stores. Some good, some bad but let's get right into the review!

Pantene truly Natural hair Clarifying Shampoo
- This shampoo claims to gently cleanse to remove build-up on natural hair and boasting to be paraben & dye-free. As the name suggests, it should only be used as a clarifier as it does contain sulfate. Although it has sulfate in it, I can say it did not strip my hair. I still had the clarifying effect of leaving my hair squeaky clean, but in comparison to my staple clarifying shampoo I felt my hair was less stripped. The consistency is very creamy and has a typical Pantene perfume fragrance. There are no oils listed in the ingredient list but it felt as tho my hair was infused with some oils and left in good condition. As seen in the picture, it does suds up. I was very surprised and satisfied with this product and will continue to use it as my clarifying shampoo. I give this shampoo 5 stars and highly recommend it! It lives up to it's claims, got rid of any product build-up, and did not strip my hair. 

Lots of suds from shampoo

Pantene truly Natural hair Deep Conditioner
- This deep conditioner claims to help restore moisture while detangling natural hair. I am not sure why this is called a "deep" conditioner when the directions are to use it as a rinse out conditioner. To me, this is nothing more than a rinse out conditioner. I used it as a deep conditioner and didn't notice anything special about it. The slip is okay, nothing to shout about. The smell and consistency is of a typical Pantene conditioner and smells just like the shampoo. I do not recommend this unless you just want to use the line together as products are formulated to work together. I gave it to my father and he loves it. For me, it's nothing special. With the misleading name, I give this product 3 stars.

Pantene truly Natural hair Defining Curls Styling Custard
- This styling custard claims to be oil enriched, defines curls and controls frizz for 24 hours even in high humidity while leaving curls touchably soft and manageable. Hmmm... where to begin... I don't like bashing products but I have nothing good to say about this product! I am however going to give it another chance as I am bad about not layering an oil, cream, or butter underneath to keep my hair from drying out but I did seal with an oil before applying this to my hair and my hair was left hard, dry, and so not touchably soft as the product claims!!! I do not recommend this product, and if I revisit it I will rate it then but that will be a mini review on Instagram. In the picture below, you can see how shrunken and dry my twist out turned out! 
Dry, crunchy, shrunken

Co-wash in hair
Pantene truly Natural hair Co-wash Cleansing Conditioner 
- This oil-enriched formula claims to instantly moisturize without stripping the hair. It is a low lathering formula that refreshes unmanageable curls. I can not hold my excitement about this one! If you love the As I Am coconut co-wash then you must give this one a try. I can't believe I've found a co-wash that I actually like as much as the As I Am. Before using this co-wash, my hair was nasty, and gunky with some gel I was testing out and it was attracting lint and other particles to my hair lol so basically my hair and scalp were nasty. What a perfect time to test out a "cleansing" conditioner to see if it cleanses as well as a shampoo and I was floored at how well it got rid of all the gunk and build up from my hair and scalp. The consistency is thick and creamy and very moisturizing. Typical Pantene fragrance and it seems my tangles just melted. I recommend this co-wash if you can't get your hands on the As I Am co-wash or just need an alternate. I give it 5 stars for actually living up to all the claims including being a low lather formula as seen in the picture.

The other products included in this month's curlBox I haven't had a chance to test but I will do a mini review and post it on Instagram (BesosFeron). Overall I was surprised with this box and glad I gave these products a chance. 

Still to come, February My BrownBox review and more swap-sack product reviews! Till next time

Besos, Feron