Belle Amour Blends Hemp Seed Styling Cream Review

Belle Amour Blends is a small black owned business that specializes in natural and organic beauty products including: hair care, skin care, and bath products. I had never heard of the company before until I was on Youtube and was watching a Mo Knows Hair video where she used the Hemp Seed Styling Cream by Belle Amour Blends to do a twist out. The two things that instantly attracted me to the product was first the results that were achieved and secondly, the fact that it included one of my favorite ingredients, hemp seed oil. The following video shows how Mo Knows Hair used it on her client for styling as well as some great tips on how to recover from a long term protective style:

I've mentioned Hemp Seed oil a lot but not sure if I ever shared why I love it. To begin, Hemp Seed Oil is a ceramide. 

"Ceramides are lipids (oil) that naturally occur in the strand. Their main purpose is to act like the glue that helps the cuticle layer lay flat and remain intact. Think of your cuticle layers as shingles on a roof, ceramides would be the bond that keep the shingles firmly in place. A healthy strand of hair needs a tightly packed cuticle layer in order to maintain its strength, elasticity, and shine. Without it, your hair becomes vulnerable to all kinds of unwanted damage." Source Curly 

That statement is very important if you have high porosity (raised cuticle), kinky, coarse, or dry/brittle hair. Ceramides give our hair that smooth silky feeling to the touch. Before I knew what a cermide was and what it did for the hair, I reviewed the Sister's Keeper Dip Hair Moisturizer which has hemp seed butter as one of it's main ingredients. Click the hyperlink to see my original review of it; I could not stop singing its praises! The benefits of Hemp Seed Oil/butter are listed on that review.

Hemp Seed Styling Cream

Product description: This light green styling cream is designed for definition. Great for natural hair twists, braids, or Bantu knots. Keeps hair defined & soft for added emphasis on curls. Comes in a wonderful mix of tropical mango, citrus, & lime scent that blend well into hair for lasting aroma. I must agree, this styling cream is an all in one product that not only provides great hold and definition, but is a great moisturizer. It has a great tropical mango lime scent that lingers but isn't too loud to cause any problems. The consistency is like a thick water infused butter reminiscent of the Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie but not as wet as unrefined Hemp Seed Oil is the first ingredient, Aloe Vera gel and Flax Seed gel being the next two ingredients followed by Shea butter. A little goes a long way and it is very easy to apply with great slip as you smooth it onto the hair. 

How I used it
As per the directions, it states to dampen hair and smooth on a small amount onto hair and style as desired. All I used for my braid out was a little water and the Hemp Seed Styling Cream. It truly is a all in one styler. No leave in or extra oils needed! Forget the LOC method lol. I let my hair stay in the braids for a day until taking my hair down and the definition was phenomenal as if I had did a wash n go or defined my curls prior to setting my hair in braids. I would say the hold is about a medium and I was able to achieve third day hair before my hair began to get really frizzy and undefined. 

My hair was soft, defined, super shiny, and oh so moisturized. Not to mention it smelled great! Knowing my hair loves Hemp Seed oil, even if I didn't get the definition I wanted, I knew my hair would respond well to this product. For the price and quality, I give it my kiss of approval :-*muah* Taking a leap of faith I ordered 2 jars during the Black Friday sale from Belle Amour Blends The 8oz currently sales for $15.99. 

Hope this review was helpful and you learned something new if you're struggling with the feel, luster, or moisture retention of your hair. Try introducing products that contain ceramides into your regimen. A good on the ground product line to check out is the Nubian Heritage Indian Hemp & Tamanu line. A full list of ceramides can be found in the curly Nikki link posted above. Let me know if you use them or have and noticed a difference in your hair. Till next time!

Feron :-*