mINe Cosmetics Lipstick Review

I am so happy and honored to have been given the opportunity to review mINe Cosmetics lipstick line. The first collection is so new, it was just launched in June 2014. On a side note, this is my 100th blog post yay!!! So, what better way to make it extra special than to switch things up and review a lipstick line that is made in the USA, talc, paraben and cruelty free which I know makes many naturals happy, especially me! Not to mention bold lips are the perfect compliment to big, bold, natural hair and transform any outfit from plain to wow!

A little background about the company: the name comes from the founder's dream to create something as she states "In Me" so mINe cosmetics was born; the first lipstick collection is "The Bestie Collection" named and inspired by all of Miaka, the founder of mINe Cosmetics, friends. The collection comes in four different formulas including: ultimate matte, matte, creme, and a lip liqueur. I requested to review one of each formula as to give a good over view of what the products have to offer regardless of the color you choose. For more information, please visit mINe Cosmetics Online and to make a purchase.  

Adriene-Ultimate Matte, Light Purple 

Adriene is the ultimate matte formula lipstick I picked to review. It reminds me a lot of RiRi Boy by MAC in color. The major difference between the ultimate matte and the matte formula that I noticed is the matte has a slight sheen to it and this one doesn't. It's not chalky but just reminds you of a paint look, no shine or luster, just pure color. Application is a bit resistant as it is not a moisturizing lipstick so be sure your lips are smooth and chap free or every flaw will be accentuated by this lipstick. All of the lipsticks are build-able to give you a more intense color but it is so highly pigmented not much is needed. The color is true to what you see, as with all of the lipsticks, in the tube is the color your lips will be. This particular formula lasted a little over half a workday for me. With out much snacking or drinking out of my water bottle, I got about 5-6 hours of wear out of it with minimal fading. Once it's applied, it stays put. 

Keybe-Matte, Salmon Pink

Keybe is a matte formula and is a gorgeous salmon pink (Skee-Wee Sorors). This is the lipstick I dub workday lipstick! This lipstick lasted ALL DAY and reminded me of a lip stain without the tacky, sticky feeling. I did a very slight touch up from where I wiped my mouth off but I was good all day and I'm at work from 8-5! Application is also a little resistant with this formula so make sure your lips are smooth and in good condition as there are no moisturizing properties. As with the ultimate matte, once it's on it stays put. You may have to use an oil wash to remove it at the end of the day but it will not stain your lips like the Cover Girl Queen Collection. No more than a slight tint is left on the lips but it will fade by the morning. 

Jina-Creme, Orange

Jina is a creme formula in a bright juicy orange color. I love this color! It is so different from your everyday pinks and reds. The lipstick has a shiny, wet look to it and really catches the light. Application is really easy and glides on very smoothly due to the creamy consistency and feels good on the lips. Don't be fooled because it's a creme that it doesn't have staying power because it does! It doesn't last as long as one of the mattes but it's pretty close and non of these lipsticks fade in color as they wear off your lips. They stay true to their color and are very pigmented which is a quality a lot of lippies lack. My only issue with this lipstick is that is doesn't stay put in the tube. The lipstick itself moves around and you have to use your hands to adjust it to get it to roll back down into the tube. For example, think of a tube of lipstick you leave out in a hot car and it's all melty and soft. That's how the creme lipstick behaves but it's not a deal breaker, just something to be aware of if you choose a creme.

Chelsey- Lip Liqueur, Hot Pink

Chelsey is a lip liqueur, meaning it is a liquid lipstick that you apply like a lipgloss but has staying power of a lipstick. Let me just say... this is not a lippie for the conservative but for the bold and daring! This is a lip color you wear when you want attention because you'll turn some heads! This maybe my favorite but it's too much for my work environment. Application is really easy and it doesn't run so there is no need to use a lipliner with it unless you want a different look. Putting it on reminded me of painting. It's not sticky or tacky like a gloss but feels really good on the lips, has a wonderful peppermint scent, and is super vivid like a neon stick. As with the other formulas, the liqueur lasts for hours! I put it on and by hour 3 I fell asleep and work up 4 hours later it was still on and didn't budge so comparing this to a gloss would just be blasphemy lol. My only issue is you have to be careful and watch the corners of your mouth where your lips meet because the product tends to settle there and that's not cute having globs of of liqueur sitting there but maybe if you're not heavy handed when applying it, this should be minimized. 

Final thoughts and suggestions: I would add the formula to the name label on the bottom of the lipsticks. I just think that would help set the brand apart so if anyone asked what formula are you wearing, you wouldn't have to look it up, it would be listed on the tube. 

Would I purchase these lipsticks; YES without a doubt! I'm waiting on the site to be re-stocked so I can place an order! I have my eye on the Mikia liqueur, Britt creme, and Jake matte. Ladies I hope this review was helpful and introduced you to a new, high quality, lipstick brand! Can we say MAC who? lol The ingredients will be listed in the comments if you're curious. Website is posted above but also follow them on Instagram: @minecosmetics and as always follow me too @BesosFeron for up to date mini reviews and other randomness. 

Besos, Feron